D&D Dreamworld Begins 1-17-16

When last we saw our courageous champions….
The party saw the mage who had joined our party have his brains sucked out. We all fell into a stupor and in fits and spurts of consciousness became vaguely aware that we are somewhere “other” some strange cavern ridden with alcoves in which we have been stowed-with something attached to our heads…
BUT, we don’t remember that…or who we were…or what we were doing. The DM has asked us to create new characters. Same stats, new class.

So, here’s what we DO know about our new reality:

“Each of you has grown up in the regions around Hillsfar, on the southern edge of the Moonsea.  As you all came of age, you gravitated toward the city from your villages and farms, seeking your fortunes, gradually coming together as an adventuring group.  While you are registered and authorized to operate along the southern coast of the Moonsea, you are currently indentured to the City of Hillsfar.  There was an incident involving a Merchant House and some Zhentarim and some double crossing, mistaken identity stuff almost a year ago where the City had to intervene on your behalf, to prevent your summary execution by that Merchant House.  You have been non-voluntary agents of the City since that day, with your freedom almost at hand.  There is one last task ahead of you, before you are granted autonomy once again.

The City of Hillsfar has been actively engaging with the Dalelands in securing the trade routes around and through the Cormanthor Forest.  They have each agreed to maintain small settlements one day’s journey apart, for the use of caravans and other travellers along the established roads.  Several days ago, travellers stopped arriving on the Western road into Hillsfar, with reports of the nearby settlement having come to some misfortune, making the road impassible.  You have been assigned the task of investigating the way-village, and if within your abilities, reclaiming it.

The settlement is one day’s journey along the western road, within sight of the ruins of Zhentil Keep, the site of a long ago battle between the forces of Cyric the now imprisoned god of Strife, and a local resistance made up of the peoples of the surrounding areas.  That battle was many years ago, before most of you were born, and the ruins have been quiet, besides the occasional visit by treasure seekers and adventurers.”


Who we were and are now

For those of you who have been watching us play, the party is made up of:

My husband Rob is the Dungeon Master. The stories are his.

Jainella Milner the Dragonborn Druid —> Neelba Jellybottle the Forest Gnome Cleric

Bob the Human Barbarian —> the Paladin who isn’t showing up today

Alwyn Connor (Josh/Dragxis) the Elven Fighter —> Alwyn the Wood Elf Monk

Selena Meyer (9of12) the Human Bard —> Bettie Hearthsage the Halfling Sorcerer

Bizzle the Human Ranger —> Monkizzle the Wood Elf Monk

Nala (sweetandspicay) the Dragonborn Sorcerer —> Nala the Dragonborn Ranger


Dice Pouches!

Well, the dice pouches I had on commission at the #LCBS (That’s Local Comic Book Store for those of you who aren’t that brand of nerd) finally sold. Apparently, folks are asking for them now! I took some in today and the owner bought All 4! This pic is before I got all the drawstrings in:


I also made my son Fletcher’s. He is starting a D&D club at school and wanted a purple one:purplepouch

Tribizzle said he wants one, even though he doesn’t have real dice (yet…he’s so hooked on D&D now it’s only a matter of time). I suspect he’ll fancy the silver dragons…