The Work

Yep. I have a job.

A real one…in that I get paid for it. I’ve been of course working hard as a full time mother of three boys and doing the wife thing (CFO, CEO, etc of McCrady NC Household). I’ve been an activist with the Democratic Party at precinct, county, district, and state level….does being a delegate count as national level? Listing the committees and positions is long and boring and would probably seem conceited. Suffice it to say it is nifty and new to be paid to do the Good Work I’ve been so dedicated to for so long now.

I’m trying to help, as a Regional Field Director, to elect Billy Kennedy for Congress in NC-5

Great candidate! Lousy incumbent (Virginia Foxx) we’re trying to unseat. Great team/staff, good plan with substantial numbers.

The challenge, to motivate volunteers in Iredell county. It’s hot. It’s summer vacation. I ❤ Billy, but he’s not Barack Obama-so the vols aren’t exactly beating at the door. This job is harder than all the volunteering I’ve done-put together. Convincing folks to vote is difficult enough it seems, and getting them to volunteer to go ask others to also vote? Whew. It seems that few people feel as responsible to take part in government/politics as I do. I will keep pushing this rock up this hill…don’t you worry.

Elsewhere in my life, I’m going to have to try and find the time to Etsy or something. The local gallery that was handling the jewelry I make on consignment has changed their business model. Now it will be a co-op and I don’t see how I’d ever make around $200 a month to share their bills for the storefront to sell a bit of jewelry each month. I had to mark stuff up like crazy because it was 60/40 to begin with! 😦  It was nice to have my little hobby going so nicely, being at the art crawl and in the gallery and making a little money to buy more materials…but self-marketing is time consuming so that whole thing might wait until after the current election (November!) season. We’ll see what happens.

How cool is it that Charlotte is in the running for the DNC!!!???!! I think our newly blue state with our new Dem Governor in Charlotte just HAS to have a really really good chance at this thing. I look forward to being involved.

OK. There. I blogged. I really have to find time to do this more often….but, well, saving the world is SO time consuming 🙂


SEC, ABNO, etc.

Well, we finally had the SEC and it was grand 🙂

The next #ABNO has taken longer than we had planned to plan. Those of us who DO go to formal meeting have been up to our eyeballs in them lately.

So….I’m thinking 202 Wines in Mooresville for our next one. March 19th? (it’s a Friday). I will try and get it on the ABNO blog today.

We had a good time, really good conversation and good beer at the last one!

SEC-cancelled, bummer

Actually, I’m more upset about not getting to use my Bump app than about the meeting being cancelled I think-LOL.

I’m looking forward to fridays A Brighter Night Out. I hope we get a good turn out!

Tomorrow night is Theology On Tap here in Statesville. The last one was really excellent. I look forward to it. A great group of folks, which is necessary. You have to have a good head on your shoulders and an open mind to talk about such things, especially with beer 😉  I thought I’d sit quietly for the first meeting (stop snickering, you!), but ended up comfortable enough in the room to give my two cents a couple of times. The folks there were so respectful. I guess I’m used to Democrats just butting in and talking as if I weren’t? I was amazed to have people be quiet and listen to what I said and not respond until I was clearly finished!

Hello world!

Okay, I’m totally not changing the title of the post-nerd that I am. If you don’t “get it” check out the Wiki entry or something.

So, here’s the blog. People ask me if I blog all the time, the answer for many years now has been “sort of”. I mean, I’ve got a livejournal account, but don’t use it often. I have a blog set up at BlueNC, but, again, don’t really use it. I spend a fair amount of time on Facebook and check my Twitter pretty much every day. I manage the websites and FB Groups for the Iredell County Democratic Party and NC10Dems (such as it is…the website has, um, issues beyond my control sometimes).

There’s a fair chance I’ll finally start actually blogging. My primary challenge is this: about what?!

Not for lack of ideas, it’s just that there seems to be a huge gap in what my interests are inside of and outside of politics. Politics is a really big part of my life, but I love music and art (and some of it is very avant garde I suppose). Folks wanting all the political information and insight I could provide won’t likely be interested to read about my husbands’ next gig, or the lyrics I’m working on, or the jewelry I’m making….

I guess I’m not quite vain enough to think I’m interesting enough to blog all the time. I did it for Media General from the Convention (DNCC Denver ’08), but that was just dropping them emails they could put on their site and in the newspapers, and it was definitely topical.

Okay. Well, from  here I guess we’ll just see what happens. I’ll try not to bore you if you’re here because you found me via something cool like RTs of Neil Gaiman and Enter The Haggis, and I’ll try not to shock  you too much if you’re here because you’re interested in what the Democratic Party is up to 😉

Welcome to my actual blog. Please join us for “A Brighter Night Out” (also blogging here and can be found on FB and Twitter).