Political Theatre

-November-End Scene-

If  you haven’t been involved in politics AND theatre, let me clue you in that they are similar endeavors in many ways.

You need a cast, and a crew….definitely an excellent director. Improvisation has it’s place, but there is a balance of control over the body of the production that is critical to keeping a coherence for the sake of  your audience and their involvement. The other end of that scale is cast and crew being satisfied that they are heard and appreciated so that you get the best out of them.

Then there are less esoteric comparisons. In the last push before the Election/Show, long hours on the phone making calls and knocking on doors = losing your voice and living on energy drinks and cough drops the same way that evening after evening of rehearsals and running lines does.

There is a Post Show “depression” for lack of a better word. The let down isn’t even necessarily related to how well you have done as much as the lack of purpose once the work is done. Strange mix of relief and longing and the feeling of “never again” that you know isn’t probably true.

So, here I am in the throes of wondering if I continue. Wondering how.

I have been told in the past I’d be happier working on a campaign (as compared to the party politics I’ve been immersed in for some years now). I still don’t know if that is true. I need more time removed from it; but I do know that I don’t feel the giddy addiction of being bitten by the “campaign bug” that I’ve heard professionals describe happening to them. I’m not sure if I would feel differently if I’d been in a different position. Time will tell if I am ever again offered the opportunity, and whether I will take it.

I will say I am happy with my reviews 🙂

I’ve had kind words of encouragement from sometimes surprising sources. A couple of messages online, and even on my voicemail (I was NOT answering the phone on Nov. 3rd!!!) from folks who are diametrically opposed to myself on the political spectrum were kind enough express condolences on the results and tell me that they appreciate my hard work. Building bridges like that is very gratifying.

I got a message from someone who worked here on the Obama campaign who must have read my mind-encouraging me to not give up, assuring me there was only so much I could have done, and reminding me that I’m setting a good example for my children.

My immediate “boss” told me I did a good job, he was proud of the work I did.

….and there are still folks expecting me to keep on moving forward; I am loathe to let them down.

My family needs me at home more. The kids need me at school more. I need to do something about fostering friendships in my life. Politics started as a replacement for a social life-but it never burgeoned into one.

I need to make more jewelry, and find a venue in which to sell it so the hobby can at least support itself-and help me connect with my own creativity and with other creative people so that I have relationships not based in the business of politics (which is almost exclusively what I’ve got these days). I hope Rob gets more gigs, because that is also a great way to meet like minded folks that I miss SO much since “The Fret” is gone.

So, this is a start. I’m writing. I used to write a LOT, creatively. Perhaps writing about politics will be my next undertaking – LOL, as if I didn’t have enough to do.

Thanks for reading. Thanks to those of you who have given me kind words, and volunteer time, and moral support these last 6 or so years, and especially these last 5 months.

Now….I should probably figure out how to link my etsy here…hmmm….


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