The Work

Yep. I have a job.

A real one…in that I get paid for it. I’ve been of course working hard as a full time mother of three boys and doing the wife thing (CFO, CEO, etc of McCrady NC Household). I’ve been an activist with the Democratic Party at precinct, county, district, and state level….does being a delegate count as national level? Listing the committees and positions is long and boring and would probably seem conceited. Suffice it to say it is nifty and new to be paid to do the Good Work I’ve been so dedicated to for so long now.

I’m trying to help, as a Regional Field Director, to elect Billy Kennedy for Congress in NC-5

Great candidate! Lousy incumbent (Virginia Foxx) we’re trying to unseat. Great team/staff, good plan with substantial numbers.

The challenge, to motivate volunteers in Iredell county. It’s hot. It’s summer vacation. I ❤ Billy, but he’s not Barack Obama-so the vols aren’t exactly beating at the door. This job is harder than all the volunteering I’ve done-put together. Convincing folks to vote is difficult enough it seems, and getting them to volunteer to go ask others to also vote? Whew. It seems that few people feel as responsible to take part in government/politics as I do. I will keep pushing this rock up this hill…don’t you worry.

Elsewhere in my life, I’m going to have to try and find the time to Etsy or something. The local gallery that was handling the jewelry I make on consignment has changed their business model. Now it will be a co-op and I don’t see how I’d ever make around $200 a month to share their bills for the storefront to sell a bit of jewelry each month. I had to mark stuff up like crazy because it was 60/40 to begin with! 😦  It was nice to have my little hobby going so nicely, being at the art crawl and in the gallery and making a little money to buy more materials…but self-marketing is time consuming so that whole thing might wait until after the current election (November!) season. We’ll see what happens.

How cool is it that Charlotte is in the running for the DNC!!!???!! I think our newly blue state with our new Dem Governor in Charlotte just HAS to have a really really good chance at this thing. I look forward to being involved.

OK. There. I blogged. I really have to find time to do this more often….but, well, saving the world is SO time consuming 🙂


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